Future-Proof NBN Solutions


Your NBN Solutions

Telstra Business Broadband

Telstra Business Broadband is a Telstra fixed broadband solution, delivered over the National Broadband Network (NBN). Offering turbo-speed downloads & enhanced bandwidths, TBB is a flexible, NBN-ready solution tailored to meet your customers needs.

Digital Office Technology

Digital Office Technology (DOT) delivers turbo-speed internet over the NBN – but that’s not all… DOT transforms any fixed phone into a digital voice service with Virtual Receptionist & Hunt Group functionality. DOT changes the way your customers work, increasing their business efficiency.

T-Biz Voice

T-Biz Voice is the calling plan for the NBN. A feature-rich solution, T-Biz Voice opens up a world of possibilities for your customers. From high-definition video-calling through to Auto-Attendant, T-Biz Voice offers your customers the next-generation of voice technology, today.

A Simpler Way

How do your customers benefit?


Future-Proof Solutions

Almost half the population is NBN service ready and by 2020 all of Australia will switch on to NBN technology. There is an immediate need to offer services and solutions geared towards the NBN.


Flexible Solutions

Offer your customers a wide array of NBN-ready solutions. Whether it’s broadband, bundled or voice, there is a solution that fits for every customer – no matter their size, location or requirements.


Solution Selling

Gearing your customers technology to the NBN is just the beginning. You can become the single provider for their data and network solutions, manage their IT infrastructure, enable mobility and propel them into the future.