Fluidity Across Services

Smart meters layered with machine learning is revolutionizing how utility companies are managing their assets, and making faster and better decisions. These smart devices together with the data they collect are enabling utility companies to more effectively plan and manage energy or water flow into houses and buildings.

Smart Metering

With smart meter reading problems are detected in real-time improving operational efficiency and reduced operational costs and allows for proactive monitoring of the entire grid’s health.

Demand Aggregation

Connecting beyond substations to individual households allows for granular network control optimising for load variations and management of delivery at peak times, reducing load in quieter times.

Line Fault Indication

Individual line monitoring enables real-time detection of faults, threshold warnings and actionable insights reducing the need for line technicians and potential for short circuits and single phase ground faults.

Asset Monitoring

Control access of individuals and groups to better manage access control and notify relevant parties to any interaction with assets. Ongoing maintenance costs are reduced through knowledge of just-in-time maintenance.

Optimised Customer Service

With smart metering and increased capacity to identify true usage costs to the customer can be significantly reduced and a service package be tailored to an individuals usage.

Distribution Monitoring

With a complete picture of the distribution network any issues with delivery can be identified and isolated in real-time offering the ability to proactively notify and manage customer expectations.

The Benefits

reduce cost

Reduced cost of metering and move from periodic to just-in-time servicing drastically lowers asset maintenance costs.

Load Management

Manage large scale power use and distribution with refined and real-time data that determines load management and service optimisation.

Asset Management

Monitor and maintain infrastructure assets as required gaining visibility over the health of the network, minimising the potential for gross capital expenditure.

Regulation Compliance

Unification of infrastructure improves the ability to meet the demands and requirements of local, state and federal regulation.

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