A Connected Shopping Experience

Product tags, beacons, cameras cashless payment systems, automatic checkout, personalised offers and augmented reality device are set to change the shopping experience. Key drivers for retailers include supply chain optimisation, connected consumer and smart-store applications – offering a frictionless customer experience from online to in-store.

Connected Carts

Using low cost tags on each item, shopping carts are scanned and an automatic debit is made from customer’s mobile payment account.

Inventory Monitoring

Automated shelf replenishing and near real-time inventory monitoring rigger automatic re-ordering reducing stock outs and surplus stock.

Customer Insights

Beacons and cameras used to get better insight of customer behaviour. Reduced staffing aligned to foot traffic, store needs and opportunity.

Enhance Supply Chain

Using RFID tags and GPS sensors retailers can generate a comprehensive view of their supply chain, optimise time spent on transportation and ensure perishables are monitored and provided with guaranteed quality.

Digital Engagement

By automating Point of Sale systems, tracking items selected and creating a digital basket a digital engagement system can automatically tally their basket and charge from mobile payment apps.

Competitor Analysis

The connected consumer is impacting traditional brick-and-mortar locations as retailers attempt to offer optimized pricing against their competitors and online retailers.

The Benefits


Through automated checkout, layout optimisation, automatic shelf and inventory monitoring and replenishment and customer tracking. A smarter shop front is a more successful shopfront.

Improved Shopping Experiences

Through customer tracking, real-time tailored promotions, product tags and cashless payments. A smoother more comfortable experience for customers encourages them to stay and simplifies their ability to transact.

Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Manage energy requirements, predict equipment failure or monitor temperature fluctuations ensuring performance of vital equipment and safety to the consumer.

On-Demand Warehousing

Monitor sales opportunities in real-time, tracking missed in-store conversions enabling deeper insights to your inventory supply planning. Apply data in real-time simplifying the restocking process.

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