Streamline Assets & People

We simplify the demands on asset rich businesses with intelligent tracking and monitoring of moving and fixed infrastructure, sites and workers that ensures safety, performance and cost-effectiveness. Tracking all assets at a granular level expands the possibilities to monitor health and safety and appropriate use of resources – optimising business processes.

Equipment Monitoring

Ensure critical assets are operational and effective with monitoring of physical orientation including tilt, lean, movement alerts, impact or vibration.

Site Monitoring

Simplify access control to sites, yards, buildings or machines – monitoring who connects to machinery and reducing the complications around authorising effective use and potential for vandalism and theft.

Route Optimisation

Manage smart transportation infrastructure by utilising real-time road condition data to minimise the impact of congestion, optimise delivery routes and respond to delays or issues immediately.

Site Safety

Ensure the safety of Lone Workers with tracking across boundary and perimeter, body vitals, GPS wearables and effectively monitor daily performance of workers.

Inventory Management

Automate inventory management from depot to site ensuring the right workers are with the right infrastructure at every opportunity, tracking at item level for status, origin and location.

Environment Monitoring

Improve worker conditions and ensure regulatory compliance monitoring your AQI (Air Quality Index),  VOC, Dust, Noise and CO2.

The Benefits


Reduced cost of metering and move from periodic to just-in-time servicing drastically lowers asset maintenance costs.

Zero Harm

All Lone Workers are ensured that every possible precaution and opportunity to protect their safety is maintained.

Asset Management

Monitor and maintain infrastructure assets as required gaining visibility over the health of the network, minimising the potential for gross capital expenditure.

Regulation Compliance

Unification of infrastructure improves the ability to meet the demands and requirements of local, state and federal regulation.

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