Who We Are

Who we are and what we stand for

A Simpler Way

Exltech is a Telstra Service Enablement Partner, providing next-generation solutions and streamlined processes to partners, ensuring an unmatched customer experience and lightning quick order fulfillment. With over ten years experience supporting Telstra partners, Exltech makes navigating Telstra solutions and systems hassle-free for our partners & customers.

Winners of Telstra’s Distribution Partner of the Year 2018, Exltech is Telstra’s longest operating & leading data distributor. As a natural extension of our data expertise – we simplify IoT, big data, analytics & insights and applications for businesses throughout Australia. We solve challenges specific to your industry and ensure we add value to your organisation with every solution we deploy.

  • 2018

    Telstra Distribution Partner of the Year


  • 2016

    Telstra Distribution Partner of the Year


  • 2015

    Telstra Distribution Partner of the Year


  • 2013

    Telstra Distribution Partner of the Year


The Exltech Difference



At Exltech, we see our staff, partners, customers & vendors as part of a tight knit community. Our mandate is to foster a culture of openness, support and selflessness to all stakeholders within our community.


We believe collaboration and togetherness is critical to the DNA of everything we do. It is imperative that we work as a unit to achieve results so that the entire Exltech community succeeds together.


Communication is key. We believe in keeping honest & open lines of communication with our entire community. We work with all stakeholders to ensure they have a voice in everything that we do.


As part of our drive to foster an open, honest & supportive community – we cultivate a culture of fairness, at every level of the Exltech ecosystem. This is the foundation on which everything we do is built.